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Summary: Don't mess with my bird.

Al Saygin

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Gender: M

Age: 48

Group: Sutter's World


Crowning Point Colonial Security Officer / Pilot




Strength 2
Agility 5
Wits 4
Empathy 3
Health 2


Comtech 3
Medical Aid 1
Piloting 3
Ranged Combat 3





Signature Item

Pilot's logbook


Like The Back off My Hand
This vehicle is yours, and you know every bolt and cable, nook and cranny. Choose one vehicle or spacecraft (not one type, but a single, specific craft). You get a +2 modification to PILOTING with the chosen vehicle. You can choose this talent several times, once for each vehicle.
STARSHIP @ Matron’s Coast Airfield


- WY600
- PR-PUT Uplink Terminal
- Seegson Diagnostic Device
- Kevlar Riot Vest (4 Armor)
- CPCS Patrol Uniform or ranger fatigues
- MB3 Standard Boots
- M4A3 Service Pistol
- NSG23 Rifle + Incinerator

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Image of Al Saygin
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