Unexpected Voices

8.3.5 SW
20:27/21 SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > Reactor > Maintenance Tunnels

Saygin blinked a few times to get the shock out of his brain. He had been so focused on examining Dokes' wounds that another human voice at that moment sounded completely Alien.

"Sharpey!? Holy shit!" he exclaimed through gritted teeth. "Where are you!?"

Saygin was frantically digging through his kit looking for anything he could use to stanch the mild bleeding. He was also looking for some kind of stim to give Dokes and see if that would spur him out of this paralysis.

His efforts were not fruitless, upon Dokes’ person, Saygin found a medkit and a small, black, foldable case containing two unmarked syrettes. He noticed that the wound didn’t need staunching, which was very strange, but what was perhaps more disturbing was that Dokes' eyes were wide and staring right at him. Obviously alive but paralyzed, the man’s mouth failed to do anything but quiver as he tried failingly to speak.

Then the radio crackled in Saygin’s ear again, this time it came through more clearly.

tzzt Saygin! It’s Sharpey. I’m in reactor output control with some technicians. Got Crowning Point main power back online, but we ran into some fuckin’ alien bug. Real BIG fucker! Haven’t heard a word from Sargent or his team. Got no further orders. What’s your situation? I’m good to rendezvous. tzzt

Then came an unexpected response, tzzt Sargent, here! - -nder attack! Reactor maintenance - -unnels leading to town! Contact with multi- - hostiles! Alien fa- -! tzzt

The communique was cutoff by shouts and a series of pops, echoing from far off down the tunnels of the eastern corridor.

Then the voice of Rico Gauss chimed in. tzzt Saygin! One of them heard those shots and it’s heading your way! tzzt

"Sharpey, I don't have much time! We're under attack here in the tunnels! Find your way down here and bring illumination! And all the men and firepower you can get! We have some serious hostiles on our hands!" Saygin commanded into his comms.

tzzt Shit! On my way! tzzt replied Sharpey.

Gauss came across with a renewed warning, tzzt Saygin! You need to hide or get the hell out of there! Now! I’ll try to distract this thing with Buddy! tzzt

With a sudden jerk, the recon drone spun around and headed down the south passage in the direction where Rico Gauss had mentioned being trapped.

Saygin flicked on the motion detector ensuring it was on silent mode. There were several dots on the scanner including Buddy. At least four pips were blinking in that location not far off and one was definitely headed his way.

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