Image of Officer Ricardo Gauss

Summary: Optimistic Security Officer

Officer Ricardo Gauss

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Gender: Male

Age: 30

Group: Sutter's World


CPCS Officer


Though is is dutiful and serious about his job, Ricardo has a sort of optimistic charm.


3 Strength
5 Agility
4 Wits
2 Empathy


1 Close Combat
2 Comtech
1 Mobility
1 Observation
2 Ranged Combat
1 Stamina
2 Piloting


Buddy the URD (Unmanned Recon Droid)



Signature Item

Buddy the URD (Unmanned Recon Droid)




WY ES-4 Semi-Auto Electrostatic Pistol (+1, Stamina roll on damage, -2, or stunned for 1 round, Armor Piercing) + Optical Scope for Long Range aimed shots
Stun Baton
Armat Type 4 Assault Breaching Charges x 2 (Blast Power 9, 11 to immediate target and is Armor Piercing

Head-Mounted Sight / IFF Transmitter and PDT
Insulator Gloves (for pistol)
Kevlar Riot Vest (4 Armor)
CPCS Patrol Uniform
MB3 Standard Boots
Samani E-Series Watch

Recon Kit
-Storage Crate
-Seegson P-DAT (monitor maps, audio-video, and live team data)
-M314 Motion Tracker
-Hi-Beam Flashlight
-Secure Access Tuner
-Camera (remote access)
-IR Light (remote access)
-Spare Data Transmitter Cards x 5 (audio/video feedback)
-Spare Personal Data Transmitters x 5 (PDT, location feedback)
-PR-PUT Portable Remote Pilot Uplink Terminal (laptop for manning drones / ships)

Other gear
Access Keycard
Access to Quartermaster and Outfitter
$1200 WY

CPCS Patrol VTOL aka Aerodyne Gyrocar: 2181 Lotus Flying Espirit

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Image of Officer Ricardo Gauss
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