Ever-growing Shitlist

8.3.5 SW
Early Evening SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > Milk River Hatchery Parking Zone

*tzzt* Op's to Wolfhound 6. *tzzt* barked the hand radio at Marshal Robert's vest as he watched the Hatchery burn.

"Now what?" he grumbled picking up the call. ~tzzt~ I have you, Ops. Go ahead... ~tzzt~

*tzzt* Hate to add to the ever-growing shitlist, but boy do we have some more fun things going on... *tzzt*

He sighed. ~tzzt~ I'm listening. ~tzzt~

*tzzt* We have a situation out in Wombwood. Unregistered spacecraft docked in an unsanctioned LZ. Two man security team, Officers Saygin and Malloy, attacked by unknown predatory fauna, Malloy was dragged off into the woods. Description doesn't match any known local fauna. Spacecraft designation, Sotillo.*tzzt*

The Marshal froze. That moniker belonged to the vessel and pirate crew who had boarded the Montero.

*tzzt* The team questioned the missing boy's girlfriend, Papillon DuMont. Said they saw the ship out there late night a couple days ago. *tzzt*

That explained the old crates.

*tzzt* Location of their crew is unknown, sir. But Saygin is speculating that creature on the ship likely killed them. Said the bridge viewport was smashed and melted by the creature's blood. Said it was acidic. *tzzt*

~tzzt~ Fuck... Initiate an immediate lock-down of the colony proper, with the exception of the security team. I lost two down here at the Hatchery. We are dealing with a highly dangerous contaminant and parasitic alien organism brought here on that GODDAMNED ship! I need ALL HANDS.! ~tzzt~

*tzzt* ...roger that... *tzzt*

Marshal Roberts took a deep breath, checked his gear, and headed back to the FAV alone. As he started the engine he got another buzz on the radio; an urgent message over scrambled static.

*tzzt* Marsh - - *tzzt* - - ot a situa - - *tzzt* - - ig fuc - - *tzzt* - - equire immedi - - *tzzt*

It was the panicked voice of Rico Gauss.

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