In Memory

8.3.5 SW
Evening SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > Residential Hex > Nila and Maryam's Flat

Palmer lay flat on her bed, her hair spread apart upon the cushion in a mess. She stared into the off-white void of the ceiling above her. She had been monitoring how much the colour of the paint has decayed ever since she got here. Then she closed her eyes, she started to see memories - memories of before everything went to shit.

In this memory, she was in the hatchery patiently monitoring one of the tanks, Osman and Erikson were being cautious. They had reintroduced a small group of fish who had shown signs of being infected by something that was similar to Ichthyophthirius multifiliis. The fish seemed to have recovered, all signs of the parasitic white spot were gone and tests revealed them to be healthy specimens. "What are we seeing over there?" Osman asked.

"It's looking good here, nothing to worry about," Nila replied optimistically. "You seeing anything in the water?"

"Nothing, I'd say we were in the clear," Erikson answered. He then took one of the long pool monitoring tools, he then ran it about and splashed the liquid around the tank. He pulled it level to his eyes and checked the details. "A-okay! God is on our side."

"Excellent," Osman smirked. The two joined Nila beside the monitoring terminal, and Osman pat her on the shoulder. "Thank you for sorting that Nila, I was starting to get a little worried truth to be told."

"Working at a private aquarium lets you learn a lot."

"It does," Erikson chimed in. "I used to work for this rich dude, the man had so many different types of fish. He even had species I had never heard of."

"You've never worked in an aquarium have you, Osman?"

"I haven't. I'm the odd one out, I can tell you all about distributing and packaging of fish though," Osman chuckled. Nila smiled at him, and then she felt a tremor inside her head and the next thing she knew her eyes were back open. Back staring at that ceiling. Back after the hatchery was gone.


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