Emergency Plans

8.3.5 SW
Evening SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > Administration Hex

Seeing the fires in the south from his office window, Administrator Weisz tried to hold back an aggravated tone through gritted teeth as he addressed the Marshall over the radio. "Just what the HELL is going on out there, Marshall? I think we are well beyond the point of 'No more questions asked'. Why are you trying to lock down my colony?"

*tzzt* Goddamn pirates got here first. *tzzt*, came the response. *tzzt* Cleaning up their mess. *tzzt*

The Marshal went on to explain the situation to the Administrator and convinced him to lockdown the settlement. He delegated the Colonial Security to different assignments such as protecting Crowning Point settlement, setting up a backup location at the mines with artillery support in case they required fire support, and assisting with the investigation at the reactor.

The Colonial Administration sent out a vague emergency lockdown message across the SutterLynk network mandating all non essential personal to remain in their residences. Then they secured a special containment area for potential infected. Lastly, the Administration sent out a request to the Colonial Marines for aid.

Roberts contacted Roku and the other Montero survivors across a private handradio channel and warned of the all that had occurred. He advised them to arm themselves and stay in the Residential Hex for the time being with Roku on standby to assist the medical staff with possible infections should the need arise, seeing how she was the leading expert on the pathology of this Alien mutagen.

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