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Summary: Recently awakened from 73 years in cryosleep.

Tsuki Roku

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Gender: Female

Age: 82 (appears 9 due to 73 years in cryo)




Personality / History

You didn't ask for a Frontier life-your parents brought you into this world kicking and screaming. Grown-ups always ask you what you want to be when you grow up, but all you want to do is be a kid. You used to fantasize about being an adult, able to stay up late and eat junk food whenever you want. Thing is, most of the Frontier adults you know are always miserable and tired. There isn't much to do where you live, so you make your own fun. There's time to grow up later. For now, playing hide-and-seek in the ventilation system seems the way to go.

Stats / Skills

Strength 2
Agility 5
Wits 3
Empathy 4
Health 2


Mobility 3
Observation 3
Stamina 1
Survival 3

Signature Item and Gear

Hikari Roku




Fun and games? Maybe to others, but you know the truth. All that 'play' has kept your reflexes sharp. You can push any skill roll based on AGILITY twice, not just once like the other characters. Each push increases your STRESS LEVEL by one.

Hand Radio / Headset
Hi-Beam Flashlight
Motion Tracker

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Image of Tsuki Roku
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