Exploring Crowning Point

8.3.5 SW
Morning SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > Main Strip

After checking on the status of Paddy Lohan, Hikari and Tsuki decided to explore Crowning Point. The had a nice walk through Hex Park on the way to the Sci-Med building and back to residential.

The settlement's main strip was little more than a short street, wet and narrow, nestled between the four hexes in the center of town. Neon and LED lights hung from the structures, the casino hotel on the left with its entertainment lounge and on the east side kiosks and shops lined either side of the main entrance of the galleria.

Their morning consisted of purchasing several sets of new clothes and personal comms devices for themselves and the other survivors of the USCSS Montero, so that they could remain in contact. Hikari knew that the devices could also be tracked in case they got separated.

At lunchtime, Hikari spotted a stylized neon sign depicting a pair of chopsticks dangling over a bowl of noodles. She smiled at the welcome sight. The long morning left their stomachs growling. They sat outside on a row of stools at the bar under the wind-torn awning of Men-ya Sakamori.

The owner, Sakamori-san, was a spry but elderly Japanese man who served them with happiness and zeal. The twins were rather fond of his cat, Tamago (Egg) who seemed just as old and active as his master. Tsuki watched as he strolled the area searching for scraps beneath the bar stools. The cat hopped up onto a raised overlook with outdoor seating and found a nibble of soba and chicken. The cute little beast had his own kitty door that led behind the counter and into the shop. Tsuki giggled.

"Tsuki-chan. I finished setting up your device." Hikari sang.

"わ-い!" she exclaimed, immediately taking the device.

"浜に行くのは素晴らしい日です。" said Sakamori-san highly recommending a stroll along the beach. Following his advice, they went back into the galleria after their meal to purchase a large umbrella, towels, and swimsuits. Then Hikari went to the lobby of the residential building to send up an invitation to Asahi Ogai and Bruce Jensen to join them, which they did after about an hour. She knew that the Marshal would be very busy with his job but found herself hoping to hear from him soon. She was seriously considering his offer to stay with him but still needed to talk to Tsuki about it.

The group spent the late summer afternoon barefoot under the wind and sun. The ocean was too cold for swimming today but that didn't prevent Tsuki from marching out into the water and splashing around before a frigid incoming wave caught her sending her back to shore holding tightly onto her big, new, sun hat.

Jensen laughed, "Kid's doing a lot better, huh?"

Hikari nodded. "She will be ok."

"Of course she will. She's a survivor... like you. Like all of us." Ogai said from his wheelchair on the deck.

Hikari smiled but her eyes were wet from thinking. "I wanted to tell you both that I am deeply sorry for not telling you what I knew before going into that ship... and I hope you can understand why I did it. I could have prevented the whole thing. I hope you can forgive me."

"No... As long as Weyland Yutani exists, someone was always going to be their tool." Jensen sadly proclaimed. "I had heard the rumors too and I should've known better. But I was too stupid to think I wouldn't be used too. Besides, we made it... and your sister made it. Just promise you won't point a gun at me again?"

She laughed and covered her face slightly embarrassed, "...Promise." she said finally.

"I get it..." Ogai stared out into the sea. "Everything I do is for my brother back home. He's been sick. Just hope the money is enough to help him."

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