Protocol Phoenix

8.3.5 SW
Sutter's World Orbit > USCSS Montero > B Deck

After the discovery of Broadsworth's corpse, Dr. Potter was afraid, on the verge of fear. However he remembered a protocol that the Doctor gave him in case anything like this happened. Protocol Phoenix. Knowing what he must do, he called in scientist in the lower decks, "Bring Dr. Broadsworth's casket." A few minutes passed before a few scientists arrived, with two identical pods. They gently picked up the scientist's body and placed it inside an already open one. Dr. Potter activated the second pod, which opened to reveal an android that look just like Broadsworth. It activated, eyes sparking to life. It rose from the pod, adjusting to everything, before looking over at the other pod, "So, I died. I can truly begin my immortal work. However, we must discover what has happened to me. Keep my body here, take care of this pod." The scientists nodded and took the empty pod away, Dr. Potter watched in amazement as the android immediately began to investigate the area, trying to figure out the cause.

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