8.3.5 SW
Morning SW-CP-Local Time
South of Crowning Point > Milk River Hatchery

Once again Nila was the first to arrive at work, she unlocked the door to the hatchery and went inside the hatchery. There was an immediately noticeable odour, like food that had gone off over the cause of a few days. Nila ran over to the monitoring computer and began to work. "Initiate," she mumbled. The drives rattled and clicked as the computer slowly booted up. "Come on..." The BIOs loaded and then slowly but surely the OS followed. As soon as she could Nila initiated the pool monitoring sequence in all pools, loudly all the monitoring devices in the hatchery descended into the cold waters of their respective pools. They whirred loudly as they all gathered samples and data. Then one by one the data appeared on Nila's computer: Multiple abnormalities, multiple deaths, foreign substances detected. "Shit!" Nila exclaimed, how had this happened, what could have got inside the water?

As she continued to examine the returning data Osman and Erikson came in. Erikson was sporting a bandage around his Sawtooth injury from the day before. "Osman, I need you now!" Nila called. Osman darted to Nila as quickly as he could, he could tell that something wasn't right from Palmer's voice. "Take a look..." Osman peered down and looked at the data, he straightened his glasses as he read the shocking information.

"How the hell has this happened?" Osman gasped.

"I wish I knew, clearly some kind of foreign contamination." Nila Palmer got out of the seat and looked over into the pools, she held her nostrils closed, the smell was unbearable. "Seems like most of the colony is gone."

"What's happened?" Erikson asked as he came over.

"Something's got inside the pools, something bad. It's wiped out most of the fucking colony!" Nila explained.


"I don't know Erikson!" Nila screamed, she didn't mean to be so angry, she just was annoyed that something like this had happened. She was so confused.

"Okay, listen up: Palmer and Erikson, I want you to look around the hatchery and see if you can find anything. Check the water feed pipes first, they might be compromised and some creature found its way in. God knows what kind of diseases the fauna could carry." Osman said trying to stay calm.

"Okay boss," Erikson replied.


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