A Second Helping

8.3.5 SW
Morning SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > Vehicle Bay

Before the Marshal even got to a vehicle to drive he got a call on his radio.

“Ruby to Wolfhound. We have another possible missing person. Mike Duncan, controller out at the airfield. According to his wife, he didn’t come home yesterday from the airfield. She’s concerned he got caught out in the storm. We already spoke to Norman Daniels, the controller on the night shift. Says he saw Duncan leave in the late evening but he said he noticed an ATV on the side of the road out by the lumber mill early this morning. Thought it might be a technician but no one has checked out an ATV this morning. Chances are it’s Duncan’s.”

“Roger, I’ll look into it.”

The Marshal decided to take a four man team along with him in one of the FAV’s, an XT-38 Stinger 4X4.


As the investigation team drove north along the gravel high road they rounded a curve near the lumber mill where they indeed found an abandoned ATV.


“This kinda thing happen often?” asked the Marshal.

“Occasionally. Most of the time it’s domestic disputes, drunks, wildcatter security detail… but not two random missing persons for different reasons. Let’s check the mill. Dude prob’ly holed up there overnight.” answered one of the Officers to the Marshal.

They noticed the hum of the engine as they approached.

“Well hell… The damn thing’s still runnin’.” said another officer.

This didn’t look good. Something was off about the entire previous 24 hours. Just more shit was being stacked on the Marshal’s plate.

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