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Summary: A synthetic reproduction of Dr Keth Broadsworth whose prime concern is the pursuit of knowledge

Broadsworth 2.0

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Gender: Male Synthetic

Age: Manufactured 5 years ago by Hyperdyne Systems

Group: Sutter's World


Scientist - Biologist


Hypderdyne Systems Model 341-T
Broadsworth has been programmed with Dr Keth Broadsworth's research data (and possibly fabricated memories). His protocol is to study and understand new life in new colony worlds. Just like his human counterpart, Broadsworth will not hesitate to put his study before others, especially if helping someone else doesn't benefit his studies. His behavior inhibitor chip has been removed and he will continue the doctor's long history of using humans in experiments.


Strength: 6
Agility: 7
Wits: 5
Empathy: 2
Health: 6
Encumbrance: 4


Comtech: 1
Close Combat: 1
Mobility: 1
Observation: 3
Stamina: 1
Survival: 3


No one



Signature Item

Unfished document


Refer to the Game MUTHUR


Unfished document
Surgical kit
Hand radio

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Image of Broadsworth 2.0
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