Small Squall

2.3.6 SW Midday
Crowning Point > South Substation

It would not be the last time the colony had to fend of a Squall of Storm Flies, but hopefully it would be the last of the summer as they should soon migrate or hibernate.

Corporal Red got the backup he requested, a fireteam with incinerators, a few engineers and the Science team, which consisted of one man, Dr Keth Broadsworth who arrived in a hazmat suit, wielding a Geiger counter and plastic container. The doctor was sure it would last long enough to transport the creatures to his lab where he could keep them alive in a terrarium for study.

The skirmish, if you could call it that lasted all of 30 seconds as the fireteam ambushed the creatures consuming the power cables. One of the members of the security team suffered minimal injuries not from the small electric shock from the bugs that stunned him but from a twisted ankle. That was that was the real danger as he nearly fell from the substation’s metal stairway.

Between bursts of fire from the security team, Dr Broadsworth collected a handful of the cicada sized insects and chucked them into his container. Instantly the bugs buzzed and flitted around the container in agitation giving off a bright blue emission. The Geiger counter began to spike and trough. Curious that the creatures seemed to be able to actively control electrical fluxes and some sort of radioactive affect. He would be able to return to the lab with some live stage ii specimens.

As part of the cleanup crew, Irving Shusett assisted the engineers in repairing the South Substation cables, bringing power back to the hatchery and farm buildings.

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