Asking Permission

Written by Enderslayer

2.3.6 SW Morning
Crowning Point > Science & Medical Hex > Dr Broadsworth's Lab

Keth took a file on the the stage three Storm Fly. The almost crab like mantis creature, laid on it's back. Drawing out a neon blue liquid from it's upper fangs, carefully praying the mandibles to the sides. As he drew the venom from the Mantis Storm Fly, just in time for the mandibles to shut, nearly slicing his hand open. "At least the creature isn't alive to attack me."

He placed the venom into a vial. Keth began an email for a request.

"Dear Colonial Administrator Weisz, I request a death row inmate to test out an experiment for the Storm Fly Mantis stage venom. We can see the effects of the venom without risking viable inhabitants of the colony. With any luck, we can find a groundbreaking discovery. Sincerely Dr. Keth Broadsworth."

Keth was annoyed he had to ask for permission just to simply use a test subject for a minor test. However, he couldn't argue with the results so far.

Keth heard a message go off, he quickly turned his attention to the message, *tzzt* Okay people, we definitely have a problem that needs fixing. Got reports of Storm Flies causing damage to the South Substation. Get someone down there immediately, Corporal Sargent is on scene already. And make sure no one fucks this up, I am not eating C-Rations for a week again.

Blue... *tzzt*"

Keth let off a simply sigh, "It seems I must stop the fools from turning the swarm into a ball of radiation and electricity." He snatched his equipment and hurried off to the the area of the issue.

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