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Image of Corporal Greg Sargent (Red)

Summary: A sour looking marine that looks like he is a step from kicking canned ass

Corporal Greg Sargent (Red)

Gender: Male

Age: 30



Colonial Security / Militia

Personality / History

Gruff and usually cross with "idiots" and politicians. He follows orders well enough though he chaffs under "stupid" leaders.

Stats / Skills

4 Strength
5 Agility
2 Wits
3 Empathy

4/4 Health


1 Close Combat
2 Mobility
4 Ranged Combat
2 Stamina
1 Survival

Signature Item and Gear




Bullet that he survived

You don't run and hide when the going gets tough. Instead of panicking in the face of mortal danger, you can turn your fear into aggression and use it as a weapon against your enemy. You can trigger the Overkill effect when you make a Panic Roll.

RMC F903WE Automatic Assault Rifle
M3 Personnel Armor + M10 Ballistic Helmet
Hand Radio
Woodland Camo
Acrylic Military ID Key (clear electronic access Dog Tags)
Access to Quartermaster and Outfitter
$1200 WY

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Image of Corporal Greg Sargent (Red)
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