Need A Nap

JP between Omni and A.Patient.Man

8.3.5 SW
20:05/21 SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > Reactor Fuel Storage

"Sargent, one ping broke off from the group and headed for the reactor. Feels like that should probably be dealt with first. We're barricaded in here, with only one entrance/egress. We can hold out for a short time, but don't leave us in here too long. I need a change of scenery!"

tzzt Passing the reactor now. Not seeing anything out here with the nightviz. Hang tight. tzzt

Not long after, Saygin and the others heard the sound of the FAV Stinger engine as it rolled up to the warehouse door.

"Sounds like the cavalry is here! Anything out there other n' y'all?"

tzzt Nothin’ in sights, but you tell me. Still got that scanner? tzzt

The motion detector only showed the cluster of men in the FAV, everything else was clear.

"Park right by the door. We're coming out fast."

Saygin motioned for the men to start removing the barricade from the door to the maintenance room. He stood by the door, rifle at the ready to incinerate anything the tried to open the door before they were good and ready.

As the receiving door was opened, the team on the inside couldn’t see much beyond the curtain of rain and the headlights of the FAV. The vehicle door opened and boots stepped out into the muddy gravel.

“Load up. Saygin, get that VTOL up and get Carson’s body to the Sci-Med hex. Not gonna do us any good laying in the car. Rendezvous at our next position.” Sargent ordered, before addressing Gonzales and Hargreaves. “You two, with us. We need to check that drainage pipe next. My guess is that Gold Squad went inside and that’s why we lost comms.”

Saygin maneuvered Carson's body as gently and reverently as he could into the rear hatch of the VTOL, climbed in the pilot's seat and took off. He felt very uneasy flying a damaged aircraft and kept the flight path back to sci med as low and direct as he could manage.

As he headed southwest toward the settlement, he could make out through the rain on his windscreen, the headlights of a truck pulling up to the generator stations outside the west walls of the Reactor Hex. Then as he passed over the roads he saw a field of smoke indicating a fire, probably something to do with downed transmission lines. That explained why the power head gone out. All the same, he tried his best to avoid the towers and calm his stress during the flight. Finally, he set the VTOL down on the landing pad on top of the Sci-Med Hex. EMTs helped offload Carson's body onto a gurney

"He's dead? What the hell is going on out there?" the medic asked with concern. "Is it true there is some kind of alien threat?"

"There's a threat, that's for goddamn sure." said Saygin, bitterly. "How's the Marshall doin?"

“All I know is he was taken into an OR and the area was quarantined. That doctor. The one that came to Sutter’s with him. She's one of the only people allowed inside and I’m hearing rumors about a bug or something on his face.” said the EMT.

"The part about that thing on his face is true. No clue what the fuck it is. Now, if the Brass come looking for a debrief, just let 'em know they can find me in the nearest bed, taking a nap." Saying replied and was about to make his way to find the nearest medbay with an unoccupied bed in it.

"Weisz? He's in there with the doctor and Officer Baird right now." replied the man and he touched Saygin on the arm as he tried to leave. "Hold on! Are there more of these things? What are we looking at here, some kind of invasive creature or is it local?"

"Man, I have no fuckin clue! Sure as hell didn't look local to me! ...ugh, look, I've been through it today, and I just don't have the patience for questions. I'll give my debrief to Weisz when he comes lookin' for me, but until then, I need a nap, ok?" said Saygin, trying his best to hide his exhaustion.

"Yeah, ok... just don't leave us in the dark on this." the man said as he wheeled Carson's covered body into the rooftop elevator.

Saygin leaned against the wall under the awning and looked out through the rain over the settlement. It was dark, but dotted with dim lighting in a couple of places. They were in some deep shit here with the power down and fucking alien monsters killing off the security team. He needed a nap, or at least a break to destress so he looked for a either a bench or bed down in one of the halls of the Sci-Med building.

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