A Cure and Awakening

8.3.5 SW
Sutter’s World Orbit > USCSS Montero

After reading the doctor's notes on the infected woman, Broadsworth 2.0 returned to the cleaned up Medlab and began to test the venom of the Storm Mantis. He watched as it began to eat away the infected blood, replacing a normal blood flow. It was time for some human testing.

He took 15 minutes synthesizing a vaccine and returned to the Cryochamber. It took another five minutes to remove the covering which the team had plugged into the lid of the crypod. He injected the cure into the sleeping woman, waiting 30 more minutes, watching her status. The results were looking good and Broadsworth would soon find out if the woman would be cured or dead, either way, he knew he would have to activated the pod to open it and awaken its occupant, Lori Clayton.

Broadsworth turned the radio as he waited for the woman to awaken. "Dr. Potter, have you found the lifeform?"

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