The Source

8.3.5 SW
Morning SW-CP-Local Time
Outside Milk River Hatchery

The two Fish Hatchery workers trudged in the damp land adjacent to the hatchery. They both wore green rain ponchos, surprisingly comfortable ones too. "I can't believe this has happened," Nila said clearly upset.

"It's terrible, we've worked so hard and it just feels like it was for nothing," Erikson replied equally dismayed.

"You think this could be intentional?"

"I doubt it Nila. I remember when I had to deal with my first sudden tank wipeout, I was seven years old. I went down in the morning to feed my fish and they were all dead. My father had to explain how fish are volatile, how it was no fault of my own. I cried for a whole week."

"Poor Erikson, I cried for a week when my cat died."

"I loved my fish," Erikson huffed as he looked down at the ground. They continued to walk, then there was something. A small stream that led to the feeding pipes, someone had placed a crate beside it. Erikson went over and began to examine it, it was a sort of old cryostorage unit. "What the hell is this?"

Nila approached Erikson and began to study it too. "Whatever it is. I think it’s old technology." They went over to the other side and saw a shocking site, the crate was open. Whatever was inside was a large metal urn, tilted over with a black liquid seeping from the lid and down through the crate door seam. Then Erikson turned his attention to the stream water, the colour was off. It didn't resemble any of the natural occurring water on Sutter's World. It was darker, murkier even.

"Just in case," Nila pulled out her face covering and placed it over her mouth. Erikson did the same. "This isn't good."

"No shit!"

"You sure this isn't intentional sabotage now?"

"It might be," Erikson replied, he began to squeeze at his forehead with his good hand. He was frustrated, the past twenty-four hours had been chaos.

"I'll go inform Osman, keep looking around."


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