Prepare For Testing

January 1, 2184 EC // 7.3.6 SW

Dr. Keth had finished storing the last of the Storm Flies into the quadrium. He checked the counter to see how many were captured, the number beeped out 130, more than enough for testing. Immediately he sent his email informing Michael Bishop of the arrival of the Crew of the Montero.

"The Crew has arrived, I thank you for allowing my request for a inmate, I shall relay the results. As for the Crew of Montero, to keep a non-hostile approach, will be moved into the medical bay, there we can observe them without alarming them. The Science team should already be dispatched on investigation. I personally will study the infected member."

With the message sent, Keth sent a message to the Science team to investigate the ship if they haven't done so already, one member walked in just as he finished the message. "Ah, good. You stay here, we are getting an inmate, make sure to place them in a secure area until I return, I have a subject on the ship that just arrived."

The doctor snatched his equipment before the member could answer and went down the elevator, and was on his way to the airfield.

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