Resurrecting An Old Friend

7.3.5 SW
11:07/21 SW-CP-Local Time
USCSS Montero > B Deck > Work Room

Vera Kirby was his closest friend but Asahi wasn't sure how long it would take to perform technical and mechanical repair to recover her consciousness and functionality. He had asked Hikari to assist as he walked her through the process.

Vera's athletic body was looking pretty mangled from the attack and she would certainly need replacement parts, not to mention the milky white lubricant to keep her joints from locking up. They started by connecting her to the ship’s power conduit and after 30 minutes of prep and assistance, Roku managed to reactivate Vera Kirby's memory. At first, they had to communicate with her via computer terminal and keyboard.

The screen booted up and immediately started displaying a stream of lines of green text on black screen.

//— I'vehadtoworkmuchharderthanthis… for somethingiwant

"What's going on?" asked Hikari.

"I'm not sure." Asahi responded.

She tapped at the backspace key a few times and the screen fuzzed out for a second.

Suddenly the words //— …Hello?... —\\ appeared on the screen above the blinking cursor.

Hikari typed a response.

Hello? Vera?

//— huh? Who is there? —\\

Hikari Roku here with your friend Asahi Ogai.

//— how are you doing this? Where are we? I can’t see… or feel… anything. —\\

We are communicating with you through a terminal.

The words came across slowly as if Vera was hesitant or thinking,

//— !!!this is bizarre. —\\

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