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Summary: I'm back.

Vera Kirby

Gender: Female Synthetic

Age: Unknown (appears 25) Manufactured 5 years ago



Ex Cargo Handler

Personality / History

Hypderdyne Systems Model 341-D

Vera was the illegal synthetic who worked as a cargo handler for WY aboard the USCSS Montero. When her body was destroyed on the Cronus salvage mission, her AI was transferred into a P-DAT and eventually into another android body found impounded on Sutter's World. The local administration is currently unaware of her presence in the colony and her new body is unlicensed and modified with the behavior inhibitor chip removed.

The Montero crew is the closest thing to a family she has ever had—dysfunction and all. She would do anything to protect them, even put herself at risk, which she has already done to her own detriment. She now suffers permanent mental trauma. Phobia: She is terrified by the Abominations she witnessed on board the Cronus. Normally androids don't take Stress or make Panic rolls but now, Vera gains one point of Stress whenever she is within Short of an Abomination and has to make a Panic roll if she is close to it for more than one round.

Fake Past/Memories
She grew up alone. Her parents sold power loaders on the frontier for a living, and did not have much time for her. Hopping from colony to colony also meant she never stayed in any place long enough to make real friends.

Stats / Skills

6 Strength
8 Agility
2 Wits
4 Empathy
6 Health


2 Close Combat
1 Comtech
3 Heavy Machinery
1 Observation
2 Stamina
1 Survival

Signature Item and Gear

Asahi Ogai



Radio with headphones

(GM has details)


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Image of Vera Kirby
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