Prepare To Repair

JP between Omni, Kudzu, chismevious, Kronos, and A.Patient.Man

8.3.5 SW
19:45/21 SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > The Strip

The group followed Flynn.

"So tell me Mr. Flynn, when did you arrive on Sutter's World?" Shusett asked, looking over his shoulder as they walked toward the Vehicle Bay.

“I’ve been here maybe 3 weeks. Just long enough to know that I ain’t gonna get no R&R. How bout the lot of you?”

"Jensen and I. We uh... we just arrived yesterday." said Vera. "With the Marshal."

"I've been here a good while now, I would have been out of here a lot longer ago if I had the chance," Irving Shusett complained, his face screwed up into an expression of disgust.

As the gang entered the vehicle bay, a voice called out from near the cherry picker truck.

"Irving!" came the voice of Maryam Blaine.

She was suited up in PPE needed to complete the dangerous task of repairing power lines and waiting with keys in hand.

"Maryam, it's good to see you," Shusett said as he ran up towards her, his eyes travelled up and down examining the complexities of her PPE.

"A familiar face is always nice at times like this. The last few hours have been madness," Maryam explained tightening a pair of bolts around the waist of her protective gear. "Who are your friends?" she asked examining the rest of the crew.

"This is Jensen, Vera, and this is Mr. Sharpey. I've only just met Sharpey." Irving's eyes turned to the rest to allow them to introduce themselves to Maryam.

"Bruce Jensen, Corporate Liaison." he introduced himself.

Then Vera joined, "Nice meeting you. I'm Vera Kirby, cargo handler... freighters mostly. I know a thing or two about using heavy machinery. Don't let the look fool you. We just... thought you all might need some help out there."

"Your looks aren't a problem. What I see before me are good honest working colonists, that's what we need around here in times like these," Maryam smiled, she paid additional attention to Vera and gave her a playful wink.

Vera smiled back at Maryam, feeling welcomed and appreciated in this new and unfamiliar place. She and her remaining crew mates had traveled a long way to reach this distant world, and she was relieved to find this person was friendly and accepting.

"Thank you, Maryam," Vera replied with a hint of relief in her voice. "I'm glad to hear that hard work and dedication are valued here. I'm eager to contribute in any way I can."

Vera returned Maryam's playful wink with a small laugh as she shyly looked away for a moment, smoothing out her clothing with her hands.

“So… what gear do we need to fix cables and repel storms flies? Like what's the colonial equivalent of a socket wrench and some bug spray?" asked Jensen, advertising his poor knowledge of work that leaves one's hands dirty planet-side.

Maryam chuckled and answered, “Well... We can take care of the downed cables in one of two ways… a) we turn off the power to the line completely at the reactor first or b) we do it live on site with proper precautions. It’s dangerous either way and anyone getting within 30 feet of the downed area will have to wear PPE like I’m wearing.”

Maryam was decked out in rubber shoulder pads and sleeves rated at 20,000 volts, rubber cloves, flame retardant jumpsuit, dielectric steel-toed work boots, a dielectric hard-hat with light, safety glasses, and a harness.

"I imagine speed is a strong consideration here. Colonists need their juice back. Which one will be quicker?" asked Jensen

“Skipping the power shut-off would be faster, but more dangerous. One of us on the ground, another in the bucket. It’s not like a limb has downed the line so the area should be clear of debris. But we will still need to get rid of those storm flies.” replied Maryam.

“I’m down for whatever. I typically go the way of destruction and death, but will go with the majority here,” Flynn said as he looked around the room at everyone

"Let's just get this done quickly. That includes dealing with the storm flies, they're my biggest concern!" Shusett said in a miserable voice.

Sharpey, Vera, Jensen, Irving, and Maryam donned their PPE, gathered their gear, and climbed aboard the large utility truck.

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