Restricted Information

7.3.5 SW
11:00/21 SW-CP-Local Time
Administration Hex > Conference Room

Once again Shusett was deep within administration, so far everything had gone surprisingly well. He had found those files on the Facehugger, information for Cowboy, dealt with the Working Joe and now he had to find out what he could from the Montero's extracted files. Sat silently at a discreet management terminal in one of the conference rooms he began to gather what he could.

He had only managed half the job, a lot of the Montero's information was on a hard disk that Shusett couldn't remotely access. He did however manage to grab some of the Marshall's logs. There was an anomaly in the Marshall's findings, a period of time where the USCSS Montero's AI MU/TH/UR information lacked. Then he found something about the Sotillo pirates, it seemed that they had somehow temporarily deactivated MUTHUR. There was some information too that could potentially threaten Bangtail's freedom. "Adisa," Shusett whispered to himself as he finally discovered his contact's name. There was more of their names: HEL and JOJO.

Irving looked around. He felt as if at any moment somebody would come in and confront him. He quickly pulled out a data tape, then scribbled the words 'Restricted Information' with a pen on the cassette's label. He loaded it into a tape deck. Clunk!
The terminal chugged as it loudly wrote the data on to the tape. "Fucking come on!" Irving panicked. He started to rhythmically pat his leg in his impatience. "Come on, come on."

The tape deck swung open and the computer made a joyful beep to signify completion. Shusett jammed the tape into a clear plastic tape carrier. He'd have to come back at some point for the Montero's hard disk and try again. He would too have to get Adisa and crew their fake access cards. Then he'd have to write up a report on his findings for the mysterious “Cowboy”, he was starting to feel done with Cowboy's maddening secret mission. He wanted a life with friendship and purpose, a purpose that wasn't just fulfilling acts of Seegson's corporate espionage.

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