The Montero

7.3.5 SW
Matron’s Coast Airfield
Preparing to Orbit Sutter’s World

Keth boarded the USCSS Montero, his science team and flight crew prepared. He turned to face the rest of the them as they entered the ship. The incapacitated prisoner was slowly pushed into the ship from the wheelchair they were strapped to. Once everyone was within the ship, Keth sent the ship into orbit.

When he was prepared, the young doctor examined the DNA samples he had received from the higher ups. He approached the cyropod with the potential subject, Ms Lori Clayton, and he pulled out a drill.

While drilling, the pod was triggered inadvertently to enter emergency wakeup procedure.

"Back up, NOW!" he screamed.

The research team immediately began to work on the pod. After fifteen minutes of failed attempts, they finally succeeded in disabling the wake up procedure. The rest of the drilling went on as planned, Keth was able to draw samples of blood from Lori Clayton and reseal the breach of cryopod. He had the team patch up the mess, and began to test the samples with the Storm Mantis venom, and a surprise greeted him.

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