Day 1 of Hel Spawn's Life
Location: Empty Hive

'Hide. Observe. Wait... What is it? Hel's Spawn sensed Adisa Bolaji's body heat and the mesmerizing light of her flashlight and cocked its head to the side, examining her.

'What is it? Strange. It moves... Food? Uncertain... Warm? Yes.'

Hel's Spawn waited quietly and utterly still in the shadows of the maintenance tunnel as Bolaji came closer. Hel's Spawn found Bolaji to be a strange creature with unfamiliar movements. Loud, clumsy and upright, not quiet, not crouching.


Bolaji touched Hel's Spawn on the frontal carapace. The thoughts came in insanely rapid succession, mere seconds before physically acting. The feeling of Bolaji's flesh evoked subconscious memories of the womb.

"Soft meat. Receiver. Home. Empty hive. Make Child? Yes. Sibling? Parent? ...no parent.'

Those thoughts made Hel's Spawn despondent. It had not yet known the comfort of another being like itself; had not known comfort since it left the womb; only knew that it needed the hive, must survive; must continue some sort of cycle.

'Sibling. Must create. Create parent. Clutch. Continue life. Soft it is. Squishy. Strange meat. Defenseless. Alone. Now! Act now!"


Hel's Spawn, the Xenomorph drone, rose dreadfully, elegantly over its prey and struck, collecting Captain Bolaji as a host; incapacitating her by slashing her and partially crushing her skull. It then dragged the wounded Captain into a warm area in the tunnels beneath the Sotillo reactor. There it began cocooning its victim with a secreted saliva resin, introducing a series of enzymes and growth hormones into Bolaji in order to transform her into an egg.

Adisa Bolaji couldn't move, couldn't feel, could barely think. Everything seemed numb and slow as the thing dragged her off to oblivion.


Later in the night...

Using the developing barb on its bladed tail, Hel's Spawn inserted genetic material into Bolaji's ovomorphing body, allowing the newly forming egg to incubate a new Facehugger and thus continuing the alien’s life cycle.

Bolaji could feel that. It burned. It was excruciatingly painful. But she could only stare in horror and dread while mouthing the words, "Please" to no one in particular.

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