Stick Together

7.3.5 SW
Early Evening SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > Residential Hex > Roku Twins Apartment

Tsuki Roku stood at the glass balcony door watching the trees of the Wombwood sway in the storm wind. She shuddered and wiped a tear from her eye as the storm raged. Hikari entered the room after a shower, drying her wet hair with a towel. On the couch nearby, a song from the 1980's rang softly through the headphones of Vera Kirby's antique cassette player. The sisters had been set up with a temporary suite until things got settled and they determined their plans.

"Hey. You okay?" Hikari asked, checking on her.

She turned and sighed, trying to force a smile. Hikari moved over to her and knelt beside her bringing Tsuki in for a hug.

"それをしないで," ~Don't~ Tsuki gently pushed her away.

Hikari looked at Tsuki confused as she turned away, looking back outside. "何?

Tsuki responded, "私をあなたの子供であるかのように扱わないでよ。"
~Don't treat me as if I’m your child.~

Hikari paused, feeling a little stunned so she stood, "ごめんなさい"
~I’m sorry.~

"失われたと感じます. 私は誰?" ~I feel lost. Who am I?~ Tsuki wept.

Her head down, Hikari's eyes flitted around as she tried to find the words to console her sister. "わかります... ~I understand...~ A girl out of time."

The just stood in silence for a moment as lightning split the sky outside.

~What do we do now?~

Hikari shook her head in uncertainty... "Whatever we want... As long as we stick together, yeah?"

She put her hand on Tsuki's shoulder prompting her to turn around. Hikari stuck out her pinky offering their secret handshake and Tsuki smiled, locking it with her own.

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