JP with Omni and red_sword_7

7.3.5 SW
9:01/21 SW-CP-Local Time
Matron’s Coast Airfield > Landing Pad

Colonial Administrator Johan Weisz stood to the port side of the USCSS Montero with his Assistant Manager of Operations, a squad of Colonial Security members and a medical team, looking up at the behemoth. It was clear that there was some damage to the P1 airlock and on the other side a lifeboat was precariously attached to the docking umbilical.

Weisz grabbed the radio from Lance Corporal Cameron Baird and spoke into it.
"Greetings, Montero. Welcome to Sutter's World. Report your crew status."


Meanwhile, inside the Montero

"What are we going to do about Vera? They'll retire her for sure when they find out she's an unlicensed artificial person." pled Asahi.

"We hold Clayton and Vera here in Cryo until I see a safe way to move her." replied Roberts.

"MUTHER, Lockdown the ship when the Crew gets off the ship. Can you please not let anyone on unless Roku or I say so? Can you do that no matter who it is?"

"...Affirmative Marshal..."

"I'll keep Paddy and Tsuki on board for now." Roku said. "Asahi, when you are feeling up to it, maybe you and I could walk through steps to get Vera reactivated and either transfer her AI or rebuild her body."

"Thank you, Hikari." Asahi wanted to hug her but he knew it would hurt his chest too much.

"Three injured, the Captain is dead," Roberts responded simply to the ground crew. He paused, "I will give a full report soon."

"Ah. Who am I speaking to?" asked Weisz.

"Colonial Marshal Glenn Roberts. Coming out." Roberts responded.

"Very well, Marshal. We are ready to receive you and your crew."

Coming out, Roberts was ready with his armor and uniform on. Roberts got the walking crew on the elevator pad and lowered it. The ground crew watched as the ventral airlock opened and an elevator platform emerged, lowering the small crew to the ground. Roberts and Roku supported Asahi and Jensen stood beside them with a bandage across his nose, his hands clasped, his mouth pressed in a thin line. He lifted a hand in mock greeting but was secretly fuming inside at the irresponsibility of Corporate orders that nearly got him killed.

Roberts gave a smile."Hello nice to see you guys. Happy to be here. I am Marshal Roberts." he said to them.

"Welcome, welcome. Injuries... well, I hope nothing too serious eh?" said Weisz.

"Yes, we have some serious ones but stable." Roberts looks at the mercenaries "Listen, I can't tell you how important it is that you guard this ship. No one gets on or off this ship but me or Doctor Hikari Roku. Until I say otherwise. You will have an explanation later, but trust me. I am serious."

Weisz briefly looked over his datapad then looked over the crew. He was slightly confused at who Jensen was but moved on nonetheless, introducing the Marshal to the team, "Corporal Sargent, meet your new supervisor. Colonial Marshal Glenn Roberts."

"Security team, you have your orders. Marshal, what do you say we get these injured to the infirmary and debrief?" Weisz proposed.

"Yes sir, I would like that. Hey, Doc you got this?" he asked Hikari.

"Oh, I should like the rest of your crew, including the good doctor to come along as well. You can leave the wounded with our fine medical team." Weisz said.

"I... I'm sorry, Administrator...?" Roku started.

"Johan Weisz." he introduced himself and put out his hand with a friendly smile.
She met his hand and shook it.

"Administrator Weisz. I realize you brought a medical team out here but I should really stay with my injured crew as they are under my express care." Roku insisted.

"Very well. A good doctor indeed. You and I will debrief at a later time then." Weisz agreed and turned toward the APC.

Corporal Red and another member of the CPCS Team (Crowning Point Colonial Security) escorted Roberts and Jensen to the APC.

Weisz stepped aside where none could overhear and through a private channel on his radio he announced, "Science team, hold off for now. We may have a problem." Then he joined the others in the APC.

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