Landing Sutter's World

7.3.5 SW
USCSS Montero > Landing at Matron's Coast Airfield on Sutter's World

“We read you, Montero. This is Control Tower at Matron’s Coast Airfield. The landing pad is clear as crystal this beautiful morning. Haven’t seen activity in weeks. How’s the view up there?.”

"Tower this is Montero, Good view, glad we made it, we are getting into orbit. Waiting on coordinates for landing. Heads up, our reentry could be a bit rough-looking. We are coming in MUTHER controlled... Long story." replied Roberts.

"Tower to Montero. Coordinates Latitude: 38° 52' 35.39" N Longitude: -77° 00' 35.40" W, weather is good. See you when you land. We will watch your vectors." The controller said.

Roberts flipped some switches and pushed the coordinates in the squeal of 1MC over the comms, "Attention all hands prepare for reentry and landing securely all departments. MUTHUR, Take us in at Vector 130 approach from the northwest. You now have control to secure all hatches," ordered Roberts.

"Yes, Marshal Roberts. Vector set, coordinates set, ship secure. Making final corrections. Reentry in"

The synthetic voice. MUTHUR counted down then the heat shield turned red the ship started to vibrate as the ship entered the atmosphere. The noise and vibrations lasted 5 mins as MUTHUR gave updates of speed and distance to the landing zone. The ship leveled out and the vibrations stopped for the most part. The roar of the engines was the only thing that could be felt now.

The crew could see the landmasses and the place they were going to land was marked on the map. It took ten minutes to get there and, with a small thud, they landed in a cloud of dust.

"Tower this is Montero we have landed and are winding down engines. I need to meet with Colonial Administrator Weisz asap." He paused to think of the security of the ship. "And if you have any Marines to meet me at the ramp." Ordered Roberts.

"Roger, Montero. Administration as well as Colonial Security have already been notified and are on the way. Please hold your position."

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