Crew Status

7.3.5 SW
USCSS Montero > Orbiting Sutter's World

Once the crew was all awake from cryo, with the exception of the infected Lori Clayton and the critically injured Paddy Lohan who was taken to the medlab for more treatment and recovery, the crew of the Montero eventually congregated in the mess hall to assess their situation.

They had somehow managed, well most of them, to survive the events on the SEV derelict USCSS Cronus.

Hikari and Tsuki Roku
Over the last 12 days, Hikari Roku tended to Paddy and Tsuki who had finally emerged from her comatose state.

It was an understatement to say that Tsuki was shocked by what she woke to. Their parents were gone, Hikari and Mamoru had aged beyond her, recalling the violent incidents before entering cryo all those years ago. The tears and consoling embraces were off and on for hours. It was hard for her to wrap her brain around the math of the situation when Hikari explained that they were both technically 82 years old. They were both 9 years old when they entered hypersleep after the incident aboard the Cronus in 2110. Hikari, Mamoru, and their mother, Kazuko were safely ejected in an EEV leaving behind Tsuki and their father Hideo and there they had slept for 53 years until they were found by a Weyland-Yutani salvage crew. 20 years had gone by since, so Hikari had the body and mind of a 29 year old woman.

Tsuki, on the other hand, had missed 73 years and remained a 9 year old girl. Hikari explained that their father said he was going to bring everyone else to the cryochamber but they were chased off the opposite way by a monster of a man. It turned out Tsuki was already under the protection of Sergeant Albert Johns who gathered the overrun crew and retreated into the cryo chamber hoping for a miracle. Neither of the sisters knew what had happened to their father.

When it came time for bed, Tsuki was scared. What if she didn't wake up for another 73 years? She fought hard against sleep, staying awake for a whole 28 hours until her body finally called it quits. The next time she just kept tossing and turning until Hikari found Vera's radio and headphones. This took Tsuki's mind off of things and allowed her to get some rest.

The next 3 days were full of rehab for Tsuki. Hikari took her by the hand as they explored the circular corridors and bridge of A Deck. At one point the artificial gravity went out, sending the sisters tumbling toward the ceiling as their feet left the floor. It just needed reactivation. Turns out they forgot to shut off one of MUTHUR's protocols where the system automatically deactivates artificial gravity to conserve or reroute power one week after the crew enters hypersleep.

She and the Marshal had to assist Paddy Lohan to the medlab where he was able to do a whole lot of nothing but heal and stare at the sterile ceiling of the medlab questioning his life choices.

Hikari knew that he would be in recovery for years in one way or another. The man was already addicted to painkillers and other substances before his injuries so he would have to deal with a lot of withdrawal, weening, and all kinds of rehabilitation, physical and mental. He was already having bouts of weeping and mild panic attacks at the cusp of passing out from phantom pain in arms that were no longer attached. With the money they made from this job, it may be possible for Paddy to pay for cybernetic prosthetics and a chemical management device to help ween him off the substances.

Bruce Jensen
Jensen awoke from a nightmare, hitting his forehead on the glass lid of the cryopod just as it hissed open. In the dream, a nodule of spiders burst forth from his nose and started eating his clothes. That's when he saw a gigantic white one start to approach and hiss at him. Other than that, Jensen was just in a bit of a stupor, amazed that the whole encounter with the Cronus wasn't a dream.

Asahi Ogai and Vera Kirby
When Asahi awoke, he needed assistance with removing himself from the pod. He was still in a lot of pain, but was able to walk around slowly. Roku warned him not to exert himself so he stuck to sitting or laying comfortably nearby whenever someone required technical assistance. He was very concerned about Vera, she was the cargo handler. How would Sutter's World react to her being an unlicensed synthetic? Could they hide her somewhere? Who would do her job?

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