At the Scene of the Crime

8.3.5 SW
Sutter’s World Orbit > USCSS Montero > B Deck Medlab

Broadsworth 2.0 investgated the lab. He finds research files his human counterpart was working on. Broadsworthh was experimenting with the DNA of an infected woman and Storm Fly, he was analyzing a brown liquid vaccine that contained traces of a black goo, these traces were also found in an alien specimen and the woman’s DNA. It was an odd sight, but it matched with the next clue. His eyes following to the next peice of evidence.

The storm fly had violently birthed something that broke out of the glass terrarium and attacked the doctor, burrowing itself into his radiation suit and clothes. The doctor must have tore his clothes off to get to the creature but suffered several bites, stings and radiation burns before he could kill it or make it out of the lab.

Broadsword 2.0 noticed that whatever the creature was had escaped, he looked up at the vents before turning to Potter, "Scan the ship for any extra lifeforms, we might have a breach, have everyone at high alert. Understand?" The doctor nodded with fear and quickly scrambled off to scan the ship.

The andriod noticed something on his new computer, there was a request made by doctor Broadsworth to send in a prisoner to test on. He might as well have them wait as he cleaned up the lab. He called in some doctors to help clean up as he went up to Cryo to observe the infected woman.

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