Where Hubris Can Take You

7.3.6 SW USCSS Montero > B Deck corridor

Deep in his analyses and reports, Dr. Keth Broadsworth was unaware of the disturbing event transpiring in the terrarium. As the Storm Fly Mantis seized on its back, its legs twitched wildly and a its armored abdomen began to bulge slightly and split. Just then the insect erupted in a splatter of copper goo and a smaller insect, about the size of a cicada emerged from its insides.

Buzzing its infantile wings, the thing crawled out and shook off the ichor of its host to reveal a pasty translucent white exoskeleton. Its hybrid form looked like a combination of the Neomorph with its curving conical head (no very crest-like), dorsal spikes, and slender tail coupled with the features of the Storm Fly, complete with sharp, serrated mandibles, six legs and a blue glowing abdomen. The newborn examined its environment.

Over the click clack of his keyboard, Keth heard the sound of a hard tap against the terrarium and as he turned to check it, he saw the insectoid leaping at the glass, bouncing off and smashing into it again. The glass cracked. This little thing was strong. Dr Broadsworth looked around for something to contain the thing as he knew it would soon break through. He was right, the tank spider-webbed and upon the next leap, the little bug broke through the glass like a bullet speeding straight toward the doctor.

Several minutes later...

Dr Potter approached the Montero's B Deck Medlab he saw something that troubled him. The medlab had large glass walls nearly floor to ceiling through which, Dr Potter could see a radiation suit and tattered labcoat strewn about on the floor. Slumped against the door was the body of Dr Keth Broadsworth. The man had what appeared to be burns, bruises or welts on his arms and neck. His pallor spoke of death. Something had gone wrong inside so he did not immediately make for the door. As he looked closer, Dr Potter saw something with spindly legs crawl out of from between the doctor's pale blue lips and fly off into a ventilation duct on the ceiling.

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