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In orbit around Sutter's World

Dr Keth Broadsworth looked over the alien samples left behind by Dr Roku, the Montero's previous medic. There were two strange white, almost translucent-skinned creatures, one was about the size of a squirrel, though very thin and the other a tiny undeveloped fetus. It reminded him of an uncooked shrimp. There was also a collection of flesh samples from something labeled "Abomination" and several syringes full of a brown liquid.

Keth started with the aliens, drawing out yellowish-green samples of their blood and put them into test tubes. He then extracted the DNA from Lori Clayton's blood as well as the alien. A feat that was easily accomplished as he had done thisa kind of work many times before.

When Keth separated the DNA, he could see that they were very similar, almost the same. The DNA was part human on one side of the gene pool and something completed foreign on the other side. When Dr Broadsworth analyzed it under a microscope he could see it was a dark brownish-black substance that appeared to be alive and mutating.

Dr Keth Broadsworth suited up in a radiation suit before taking out the Storm Fly and began experimenting with venom that he extracted from a "Mantis Stage" adult, injecting the venom into Lori Clayton's blood to see the affect. The results were inconclusive, he couldn't tell whether the venom would kill her or stabilize her.

He then injected the foreign DNA into the Storm Fly and put it into a terrarium to keep an eye on any changes. Nothing happened for the first 2 hours while he analyzed the brown liquid. He found the same black goo had been used in the syringe vaccine. It was more potent. When he injected it into different DNA samples it had inconsistent and erratic results. Sometimes it killed the alien DNA and stopped it, other times it simply mutated it.

Soon the bug began to turn on its back and shudder.

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