7.3.5 SW
Midday SW-CP-Local Time
Matron’s Coast Airfield

The Marshal and crew prepared the Montero for their leave, gathering their belongings and hauling everything that was staying planet-side into the ventral elevator pad.

Bruce Jensen was able to help Asahi upload Vera Kirby’s AI consciousness and memory onto the Captain’s old PDAT. Vera now had a voice and the capability to communicate with the crew over private comms with her.

The Crowning Point medical team, dressed in hazmat suits, helped Lohan onto a gurney and Asahi Ogai and Tsuki were brought wheel chairs on the advice of Roku to ensure they took frequent breaks to prevent them from exerting themselves.

After the medical team had put them all through decontamination procedures and scanned them, The Montero crew was cleared and transported to the Sci-Med Hex to get things set up for Paddy Lohan.

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