Debrief (Part 2)

Co-written with Red_sword7

7.3.5 SW
Late Afternoon SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > Administration Hex > Conference Room 2

Weisz and Hettinger welcomed the Marshal and the surviving crew of the Montero into a conference office in the Administration office Hex.

Hettinger dimmed the lights and attached his data tablet to a projector.

"I have looked over your report, Marshal. I shall go over the facts as have understood them.

He ran through the Marshal's report, point by point, starting from the departure from Anchorpoint Station.

During the debriefing, Soleil the dog padded over to Tsuki immediately gave her snuggles like they knew one another. This made Weisz pause and smile for a moment.

He continued on from the initial boarding of the Cronus, the aliens and mutations, the attack by pirates, to the self destruction of the ship and the death of McCormick.

"Now... I am noticing some holes in your story here..." he said like a parent warning their child not to lie and looking directly at Roku, then at Tsuki. "Is there anything else you wish to be forthcoming about before I hand this report over to my superiors."

Roberts produced a case that Lori Clayton recovered from the Corporate Suite and handed it to Johan Weisz who opened it slightly. His eyes widened as he gazed upon its contents; hundreds of bills of old cash. Real too. It would be worth a fortune. Weisz looked to Hettinger and nodded toward the door, to which the man stood up and exited the conference room.

"I understand a bribe when I see it. What exactly do you expect to negotiate with this?" Weisz said quietly.

"Full shares for all the surviving crew." said Jensen.

"And a bonus for Marshal Roberts. Without him, we wouldn't be here, neither would the ship or those precious specimens." Roku added bitterly.

"And this is your sister, I presume, Dr Roku?" Weisz asked. "Yes, I know."

Tsuki hugged Hikari's side.

"Yes sir. My twin." Roku replied.

"By God... that's... extraordinary... And very unfortunate. How did you... intend to explain her away, I wonder?"

"Do you have a family, Mr Weisz?" Roku asked rhetorically.

"I do... I have a daughter," he responded, knowing exactly where this was going.

"Than you understand I did what I had to do. Regardless of the consequences." Roku replied.

He nodded. "Will there be anything else?"

"No more questions asked." Roberts said.

"Very well... I must say, I'm impressed by all of you. Marshal, you will be a great asset to this colony. I feel very fortunate to have you in charge here... Come now! Let's get you squared away with payment and registered as guests of the colony for the time being."

"Administrator, I know you are no idiot. I highly, HIGHLY, suggest that you have that team incinerate all of the specimens as soon as possible. There has been enough death. For far too long." implored Roku. "Think about your daughter."

Weisz did not respond.

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