Locating the Security Team

8.3.5 SW
19:00/21 SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > North Road

The Marshall was headed back out north toward the area he had left Officer Gauss not knowing exactly where the man was. From his latest response it was clear that he had run into trouble.

Nearing the Lumber Mill, the Marshall got a call on his radio. *tzzt* Ops to Wolfhound, we have last known location of Officer Rico’s PDAT. -ooks like he met up with the squad on - - sweep near the reactor. *tzzt*

~tzzt~ Copy Ops, on the way. ~tzzt~

Damn… the search team had left behind their XT-38 Stinger FAV parked here. That was quite a distance to cover, he would have to turn around and drive to the reactor to save precious time.

Roberts swung the FAV around and headed back, then keyed his radio to the sec team channel.

~tzzt~ Gauss, come in! Do you copy? ~tzzt~ Gauss… Gold Team do you copy? ~tzzt~

There was no response.

“Damn.” the Marshal swore aloud. He switched the radio channel.

~tzzt~ Ops, send in the Lotus to the reactor for some aerial surveillance and support. ~tzzt~

*tzzt* Roger. *tzzt*

~tzzt~ Speaking of... we need to evacuate the reactor. All staff. ~tzzt~

*tzzt* Copy that, Marshal. Already on it. Will get with Colonial Administration to ensure it’s set for automation. *tzzt*

The Marshal let out a sigh of relief. ‘Thank God’ he thought. It was good to know the team had some who were competent and showed good judgment in their initiatives.

~tzzt~ ...You’re alright, Ruby.” ~tzzt~

*tzzt* Hahaha!- Not too bad yourself. Ops out. *zzt*

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