Problems Stacking

8.3.5 SW
Afternoon SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > Milk River Hatchery

As the Marshal continued his investigation, this time around the vicinity of the airfield, he received an alert on his radio.

tzzt We’ve got a situation over at the hatchery. Some kind of problem with the local fauna from what it sounds like. Something dangerous they’ve never encountered before. Can we get a team over there?” tzzt

Roberts looked at the radio and sighed. He picked it up and keyed it, "Marshal Roberts here, I am on my way."

Roberts stood up and looked at the gun rack in the vehicle. He picked up his M41A2 Pulse Rifle and loaded it up with his Pistol and tack vest, all the equipment he may need out in the wild. There was a lot of stuff happening: people missing, equipment, and other unexplained things.

Roberts keyed his radio again, "Lumbermill team. Send two officers to the Hatchery to meet up with me." said Roberts.

"Marshal, can you swing by and pick them up? We are spread out here." replied the officer.

"Roger" replied Roberts. "Gauss, stay on the trail. Let me know if you find anything."

"You bet." Gauss nodded.

Roberts walked to his side of the door and looked in the direction of Hatchery. It was far off on the horizon downhill, but it shouldn't take too long to get over there. He got into the XT-38 Stinger 4X4 and drove to the Lumbermill. The drive didn't last more than a few minutes.

Roberts rolled up on the two officers by the road. Earlier he had ordered everyone on shift to get into tactical gear. He told the two Security officers to get in and they started towards the Lumbermill.

Roberts had been on a lot of bug hunts in the past. Roberts being in charge of the recon squad would be the one hunting. Roberts started to wonder if the Montero did not bring something with them and it got out or maybe another ship. Could it be something similar? Roberts thought.

As they got close, the Marshal said, "I want the lead one left, flamer right. Standard deployment."

He instinctively looked over the area as they pulled up and got out. There were two colonists standing there waiting with concerned looks on their faces. "What's the problem?" asked Roberts.

"One of my guys was attacked by this snake thing. Me and Nila here were lucky to get out." Osman explained, his forehead was sweaty with stress.

"Where was the last place you saw the snake-like thing?" asked Roberts.

"Just inside the lab, attacking our friend Erikson. None of us have seen anything like that before." Nila added

The marshal started to walk in that direction . "There seems to be a lot of that lately."

Getting to the door, they stacked up for breaching the building. "Flamer you're in first, then me, then the last man."

The last man opened the door. The flamer went to the left, Roberts to the right, followed by the last man. Ready to blast anything that came at them.

"Don't kill Erikson!" Osman begged from outside

Roberts heard that and thought of the mutations he had run into on the ship. "Let's hope he is still alive." mumbled Marshal.

When the Marshal entered the Hatchery, he found Erikson outside the lab doors cradling his arm and wincing in intense pain. His arm was noticeably broken at an awkward angle. The poor man looked like he was about to pass out.

"Oh thank god!" he wailed with relief as he saw the security team approaching.

Roberts gave the signal to stop for the team. Roberts shined his tactical light on Erikson, checking him out for mutations.

"Look at me. Sow me your arm and your face now!" ordered Roberts. He knew it took some time before things could change... if there was a change.

Erikson presented his arm, he was hyperventilating. Talking was difficult and took its time. "It really hurts..."

The Marshal didn't see any sign of infection or mutation so he made the decision that Erikson was clean then signaled for one of the officers to escort Erikson to safety.

"Outside, get to a medic."

Erikson waited patiently for an officer to assist him. He couldn't grip his hands tight, or even properly move - he was weak and limp.

Now safe Erikson, was returned to his friends. Nila held him upright, she felt so bad for her co-worker, first that fish and now this. "Are you alright?" Nila asked.
"I'm... okay," Erikson said in a struggle. Osman tapped him on the shoulder, trying to reassure him.

"We're going to get you sorted Erikson. I promise you."

"I'm so sorry E," Nila said softly.

"This isn't your fault Nila, it's none of your faults," Erikson replied.

"I think I better get you checked up, I'll get you over to the medical facility. Nila you stay here with SEC, if they ask any questions you answer them." Osman explained.

Nila nodded as she watched her boss escort Erikson away from the hatchery, she prayed he'd make it through.

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