Vera’s Request

8.3.5 SW
Afternoon SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > Central Matron’s Coast Beach

As Asahi Ogai watched the ocean waves roll in and the strange birds skirting the wind, he heard a pip from the data-tablet with Vera’s AI installed on it.

"Asahi...there's something I want to examine in the cargo bay. It's a shipping container that was seized as contraband quite some time ago. Would you help me get there?"

Ogai was taken aback by the request that came seemingly out of nowhere. "Hey, V. You've been so quiet. Might be a challenge getting in there, but sure. What did you find in there?"

"I'm not entirely sure, but it may be something that can help me. The formatting of the shipping and ID numbers is...familiar."

Bruce Jensen overheard part of the conversation. It was strange how Vera was much more human-like than other synths he had encountered and it was the first time he had really felt sorry for one or even saw them as a person. "The cargo bay? I think I could get us in."

Jensen held up his WY access keycard.

"But if you need it to be discrete, you'll have to hack the cameras and security systems to ignore us.

“I can manage that.” Ogai said confidently.

They decided it would have to happen around shift change.

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