8.3.5 SW
Afternoon SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > Milk River Hatchery

Once the officer returned, the team opened the door to the lab where the creature was supposed to be.

The Marshal's team entered the brightly lit lab full of water tanks, data terminals and other technical devices. The tanks bubbled with murky water. It was full of dead or mutated fish. One officer went left, the other went right and the Marshal stayed in the middle on overwatch.

Before taking their fourth step inside however, a pale snake-like creature dropped from the ceiling onto the Marshal, constricting itself around his arm.

The Marshal flailed but the snake thing held tight so he had to loose his weapon to get a grip on it. This sucker was strong but Roberts was still very much in shape and managed to pry the bastard off, promptly throwing it to the floor.

The organism looked like an albino cobra, the way it's face sort of frilled out at the sides but it had no face really. No eyes. Just a hissing maw.

"Jesus, what the hell is THAT thing?!" yelled one of the officers. The other took aim with his incinerator.

The snake creature shot like a torpedo behind one of the desks and out of sight, but the Marshal didn't waste a beat, he rounded the desk and raised his weapon to put the thing down.

"Keep your eyes out for others!", he commanded before he squeezed the trigger.

The snake-thing exploded into yellowish-green goo as the shotgun frag round hit.

Then, unexpectedly, the creature’s blood began to sizzle and quickly corrode everything it touched. It ate away at the desk and data terminal, as well as the chair and the floor.

The Marshal turned at the sound of water splashing. Behind him, the massive tank was spouting from an area the size of a quarter and mottled across the glass were several smaller areas of glass bulging out as if they were about to burst. One area, streaked by the acid, split open and the tank began spraying. It was about to break.

Looking from the floor to his clothes, the Marshal noticed a trail of blood spatter on his vest had already eaten small holes part way through. It was a good thing he kept his distance when shooting the creature.

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