Breaking & Entering

8.3.5 SW
Late Afternoon SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > Cargo Bay

Another dull job, once again Irving felt like he had been thrown under the bus. Some anomalies were troubling the security system. He had a tool ready to unscrew the security bolts of one of the security system's junction boxes. It was a basic piece of equipment. Nothing more than a way of making some hardcopy backups of security footage, a copy of anything that had been sent to the colony's network.

Then he heard a noise, the sound of someone opening a door. It was some of the cargo bay's security - finishing up before the shift change. Shusett was meant to be there but he couldn't help himself from cowering. He still feared that somehow he might have been caught. The guards slipped off their Weyland-Yutani overalls and made their way home.

Then he heard another noise. He looked over to see two men: one looked to be a Japanese man possibly in his late twenties, the other a rather serious looking guy a little older -- the corporate type. The younger guy was holding a data-tablet. "We're here V," the younger guy said quietly to the tablet.

"Thank you Asashi. Jensen would you kindly get us in?" It was a female voice somewhat synthetic, presumably the tablet. Now Irving had names for both the men, it wasn't difficult to distinguish who was Jensen and who was Asashi. The corporate looking guy Jensen pulled out a Weyland-Yutani access card and opened the cargo bay. Asashi kept looking behind, he looked worried. What were these guys up to? Were they spies for a rival corporation? Thieves? As they made there way into the cargo bay Shusett followed behind as quietly as he could.

"Where is this thing you're looking for V?" Asashi asked as he looked around the cargo bay.

"There is a cache in here, it will be useful to us."

"You're going to have to be a little more specific than that," said Jensen.

Shusett continued to listen, he was hidden behind a large storage crate. It seemed as if the AI tablet was the mastermind behind this operation. Irving felt a sadness at the thought where we had reached that point in human history where the synthetics dictated what we do.

"The cache we are looking for according to what I know should be logged as: CM-8351012. That's as much as I'm aware."

"Asashi, get into one of the inventory computers. Try and find this thing. How much longer will the cameras be out?"

"At best maybe another twenty minutes."

"It'll have to do. Get to work on finding whatever we're looking for," Jensen said as he clicked his fingers to Asashi. Irving continued to listen, it definitely sounded like they were looking to steal something. Irving in his position was obviously no telltale rat, but maybe he could get something out of this. At the least he had found out the cause of his camera anomalies. Now he just had to wait.


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