Debriefing Part 1-B

JP between red_sword7, Thaen93, and Omni

January 1, 2184 EC // 7.3.6 SW
9:36/21 SW-CP-Local Time
Inside a CPCS Team APC

Corporal Greg Sargent (Red) merely lit and puffed his Big Smoke cigarette as the debrief began, silently sitting there.

Lance Corporal Barid (Blue), meanwhile, sat up in the Control Tower, watching the camera display of Red as the debrief poured through his headset speakers. He twiddled a pencil No. 2 as the Marshal ranted and ranted.

Roberts looks at Bruce Jensen, "He was there when I arrived on the ship. The Captain, McCormick, never raised a question about it or concerns. I was just there to hitch a ride and help with Security. When things went south, the Captain put me on the payroll so I could deal with the situation. The crew had no training to deal with this. Everyone that lived through this fought for their lives, including Jensen, who was a coward at times. Sure, but he also got it together and got into the fight." answered Roberts

"Fought what?" Red asked, after a moment of silence. The smoke from his cigarette trailed around his head

“Yes, Marshal. Fought what? Mutants? From a virus? Just to be clear, I heard nothing about a virus before all of this but I was aware of a redirect. Speaking about this other ship. The salvage of a derelict, especially the recovery of one of our own expensive and antique SEVs is in the Company’s best interest. These crews are well aware of such potential detours if they read their contracts.”

Roberts smiled a little calmer now. "Not sure where to start. Roku could give you more information about the virus. We have some samples and a creature in a freezer in the lab. There were small egg-like things that spit out spores that somehow caused mutations. Then there was a humanoid creature with no eyes and lots of teeth and a tail. A small swarm of spider-like things. The other crew members that got affected turned or changed... got bigger. Like a gorilla. One killed the Captain and ripped Lohan's arms off. Killed some crew member in the decon chamber. It depends on what gets infected I think." Roberts said thinking. "I know they are tough to kill. I shot one with Hi explosive round. It did not kill it. It took two frag rounds from my shotgun to do it and other fires from a M41.".

Assistant Operations Manager Hettinger cut in, “How long did you spend in FTL, Marshal? Sounds like Neurological Distortion Disorder to me." He looked at Weisz with some concern.

Weisz shrugged, "Your crew is in possession of Weyland Yutani property, the ship AND… our precious shipment of Helium 3. If we want it, we have every right to access those things. I think the best course of action is to recover our shipment and take a look at at your flight log for a full investigation of the events.”

"I have nothing to hide," said Roberts. "I just don't want this stuff to get out."

He gave a sigh. "Turn the APC around. I will show you now. What the hell. Trying to keep this stuff a secret is no good now you guys know about it. Maybe if you see what I am talking about you will take it seriously." said Roberts

“I agree with you, Marshal. Let’s get this sorted out. We will proceed however you wish. I want you on my team. After all, it was I who got you this opportunity. Even after your little… accident.” Weisz said, referring to an event in Roberts' recent past. "Turn it around!" he yelled to the Security Officer driving the APC.

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