Debriefing Part 1-A

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7.3.5 SW
9:35/21 SW-CP-Local Time
North of Crowning Point > Inside a CPCS Team APC

"Well, Marshal. Since we are already sharing with the security team, let's begin our debriefing here. We will consider this PART 1 as it is very hard to conduct a proper debrief without your full crew and flight data present."

The Administrator hooked a video adapter to his datapad and projected some information to one of the monitors.

"Let's start from the beginning with your job and crew, shall we?"
The order log appeared on the screen:

Order #: 36512-091183
Order Date: Aug 21, 2183 EC
Bill To: Johan Weisz
Ship To: Johan Weisz
Destination: Sutter’s World > Matron’s Coast Airfield
Handler: USCSS Montero // Lockmart Model CM-88G Bison M-Class Commercial Starfrieghter
Departure Location: Anchorpoint Station
Distance: 8.51 parsecs
Departure Date: September 11, 2183 EC
Expected Delivery Date: December 29, 2183 EC
Cargo: High Pressure Tanks x 72
Contents: DANGER - HIGHLY EXPLOSIVE - Tritium decaying to Helium-3 (200,000 tons)
Product: $720,000 WY
Shipping & Handling: $61,000 WY (crew payment)
Grand Total: $781,000 WY / Credit upon delivery (CUD)
The ship’s manifest appeared on the screen:

USCSS Montero
Crew x 6
McCormick, Kenneth - Captain
Lohan, Padraic - Pilot
Spears, Dennis - Corporate Liaison
Ogai, Asahi - Technician
Vera Kirby - Primary Cargo Handler
Roku, Hikari - Medic
Passengers x 1
Roberts, Glenn - Colonial Marshal
I can tell from the fact that you are sitting here before me that the Helium-3 shipment has arrived intact, but tell me about the crew… who is this man that sits before me and how did he come to replace the 'Mr Spears' that I was expecting from the manifest?

Weisz gestured to Bruce Jensen who was taken aback at the accusation.

“Y’know, Mr Weisz… I was wondering that myself. Bruce Jensen, HR Employment Consultant.” he reached for Weisz’s hand who instantly reacted by shaking it.

“I was embedded with the crew for several months before this mission for performance evaluation. Then I was due for a short vacation before being suddenly reassigned to the crew at the last minute.”

“I see…” Weisz turned to the Marshal.

“According to an updated manifest that I recently received, this man, Mr Jensen, here… suddenly added you to the crew roster on December 17th granting you 1/7 share of the payment for this contract. Can you explain that to me, Marshal?”
Marshal Glenn Roberts

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