JP between red_sword7, Thaen93, and Omni

January 1, 2184 EC // 7.3.6 SW
9:33/21 SW-CP-Local Time
Inside a CPCS Team APC

As the vehicle starts to move, Roberts speaks, "This does not leave the APC and I might shoot the first person that does leak this information. I am sure Mr. Weisz already knows what we have on that ship. I am SURE. It is a virus that can mutate humans and animals. If it gets out it will kill this planet. I watched the crew of another ship kill members of my crew. We need to be careful with this stuff. If it was me, I would blow the whole ship up with the samples on it."

Roberts pauses thinking. "But that is not my decision. I will say that when dealing with this stuff you should use max protection and if anyone gets infected, the only thing I know right now to cure them is death." He let that sink in as he looks at Mr. Weisz.

The Administrator cleared his throat as he looked around the APC.

"Well... I am SURE of nothing just yet, Mr Roberts but I certainly do have a lot of questions for you and your crew."

"If you think it is secure you can ask me now. I have told you the bad news as I know it. So what are some of your questions if you want I will put it all in a report when I get time today. Our ship's MUTHER has a lot of it recorded and other stuff in its memory. we should get that downloaded as soon as possible. So what are your questions?" asks Roberts.

Red looked rather skeptically at Blue, who watched through his Seegson PDAT with rapt attention. "Yeah, Marshal, I got a question. Why the hell you bringing this nasty shit here?" He fetched a Big Smokes out of the nearly destroyed pack and lit it as he finished. Why not just put this in a hole, in a moon?"

Roberts gave Greg a cold stare. "Sargent."

Greg Sargent knew that tone, the one used in the military when someone who outranks you is irritated.

"Talk to Your Boss Weyland. They forced us here to be honest. I blew up the other ship to try to save the Montero and its crew. But some damn subroutine in the AI kept getting in the way and shutting things down or not letting us leave. The ship, I think... was set up from the beginning. I spent years in the Marines and I've never been dealt a hand this bad." Roberts took a deep breath.

"Sargent, sorry to unload. I have seen some bad things that have wiped out other colonies nothing like this. This is a biological weapon that could end the human race. Well, that's how I think of it. If you are smart call the Colonel Marines and tell them to come and get this stuff. In the meantime lock it up so no one can get it." Roberts stopped talking abruptly. "That's all." he finished.

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