Negotiations Continued

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7.3.5 SW
9:40/21 SW-CP-Local Time
Matron's Coast Airfield > USCSS Montero Interior

Roberts let them get a good look at the alien speciments. "It took, I think, three shots to take that little thing down. Their armor is tough and they are lighting fast. I have never seen anything like it. said Roberts.

Looking at Roku then back at Weisz, Roberts says. "I wish we had more for you but the other mutated crew members were spaced because of contamination." OK, Doc, you can put it back on ice." Roberts walked over to a station and tried to access some footage of the decon room when the crew member mutated and killed the others."

“My god… how extraordinary…” Weisz said in awe.

Greg Sargent had about half a cig left as he looked at the Neomorph as it was displayed. He looked at it with derision. "That is one ugly. Son. Of a bitch… Again, remind me why we have this shit here? Honestly, boss, I don't know about having this stuff in this star system."

"I concur, I had no choice. Blame the company is my guess. I think they wanted Jensen to take the fall. I have no proof of this and it is all perspective," said Roberts.

"Mph." Grunted Red. "You getting this, Blue?" he whispered.

"What the fuck?"

/Montero Medical\
Red puffed on his cigarette, stepping away as the bag was finished being zipped. "What the hell has to happen for this hellspawn to exist? I been to Xianxhou, that bug hunt was a shitshow but even they weren't anything like that." He pointed at the bag. "You had to space the others?"

There was a sigh from Roberts. "I had to flame the room all were killed by the mutant. Now I have one in cryo as I said before. She will stay that way until we have a way to safely help her. By the way, flamers work the best from what I have seen. HE grenades do well too. Frag-12 shotgun rounds do some damage too."

Greg nodded, thinking. He gestured for the Marshal to continue

"Let's just say from what I know and have seen they can kill someone in about 5 seconds. They are that fast. Let's say they can cover 50 meters in seconds." Just ask our pilot the damage done was just in seconds. I could not even shoot it before it was on him," explained Roberts. He thought for a moment. "I am saying all of this to convince you how dangerous this is," said Roberts.

"Oh, I believe ya," Red said. "A mother like that, best believe in some weird space shit."

Roberts smiles "I am glad you see it. Mr. Weisz, you see the threat?"

“I do Mr. Roberts, seeing this has me greatly unnerved. But I have a duty to my superiors and this company to ensure these things are reported and studied but we can play by your rules, Marshal. Will you allow the science team to study these specimens here aboard your ship?”

Weisz paused for a moment considering the possibilities. “We could put her into orbit if that makes you feel safer. You and your crew can stay comfortable down here with us. Couldn’t have landed on a nicer rock, I don’t suppose any of you are in a hurry to leave Sutter’s?”

Roberts thought for a moment. "OK in orbit would be best. I want lodging, food for the crew; maybe some jobs for them. Medical treatment, until they get on their feet and can work. The ship was never mine anyway. I think Paddy Lohan's is next in line for Captain. The only thing I retain control of is the security of the specimens, which is not negotiable. If I say that's too much of a risk then it stops there everything stops. I understand Mr. Weisz, you're the boss. I have seen too many colony people die because someone wanted more money. I am sure the Sargent has too. I just ask don't be that person." Robert says sternly but with respect.

Turning to Roku Roberts says "Roku, it's up to you what you do. I suggest you stay on world and help them over Comm's and video… but if you stay on the ship I can't help you from the ground. Well… not quickly. Every crew member must make their own decision. When that is complete I resign as Captain and will turn over the ship to Paddy Lohan next in line." said Roberts.

Roku considered it. In her heart, she wanted to destroy it all and watch it burn, but mostly she just wanted the nightmare of the Cronus to be out of her life. She decided to go along with things for now but not without worry.

“I would prefer staying here on the ground for a while with the crew but only after we’ve had time to clear out our things and finalize our duties.” she responded.

“Very well, I find those terms acceptable. Marshal, I’d like that FULL report as soon as you can get it and we will finish our debriefing some time afterward.“

Weisz and Hettinger turned to take their leave.

"Mr. Weisz," said Roberts when Weisz turned around. "Here is the full report. I already had it ready for you. I just had to make sure where you stood on everything. Thank you."

Roberts handed over a data tape but that was normal for a colony. "Thank you, Roberts," said Weisz.

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