Good For The Company

7.3.5 SW
11:00-13:00/21 SW-CP-Local Time
Administration Hex > Weisz’s Office

After meeting with the Marshal and seeing the evidence of alien life on the Montero, Administrator Weisz was somewhat giddy with excitement. This was very good for him. Very good for the company. Sadly there were no live specimens but Michael Bishop’s research team would have to make do with the remains.

Weisz contacted the medical crew to prepare a quick decontamination setup so they could double check that everyone was clear before leaving the airfield. There was no sign of contaminants. Afterward, Greg Sargent had lugged the heavy Seegson synthetic to Maryam Blaine’s corner of Engineering to strip for parts and scrap. Weisz got to work on reading the Marshal’s report in his office.

Soleil entered the office and whined, nuzzling his leg.

“Alright, girl. Time for lunch and a walk, eh?”


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