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The power was back on. Dr. Ellis and Dr. Roku stood in one of the sterile, brightly lit operating rooms, their expressions tense as they faced the Pauling MedPod containing Colonial Marshal Glenn Roberts. The facehugger still clung tightly to his unconscious form, its elongated fingers wrapped around his head.

Dr. Ellis adjusted his glasses, "By the sound of things, we don’t have much time. Roku, let’s begin."

Dr. Roku nodded, her gloved hands hovering over the control panel of the MedPod. She took a deep breath, steeling herself for what they were about to do, her voice was still trembling with a mix of anxiety and determination. "Initiating oxygen removal protocol. Stand by to monitor his vitals."

As Dr. Roku entered the commands into the control panel, a series of soft beeps and clicks filled the room. The MedPod responded with a low hum as it began the delicate procedure of reducing the oxygen supply to the chamber where the Marshal lay.

The MedPod's display screen showed the oxygen levels steadily decreasing, and both doctors watched with bated breath as the facehugger's grip on the Marshal's face tightened. Its bulbous body seemed to twitch, sensing the change in its environment.

Dr Ellis kept a close eye on the Marshal's vital signs, his heart pounding in his chest. "His oxygen saturation is dropping. We need to hold steady."

Dr. Roku nodded, her eyes fixed on the display. The tension in the room was palpable as they continued to lower the oxygen levels. The facehugger's movements became more frantic, its tail writhing.

Baird steadied his weapon, ever ready to take out the threat if necessary and Colonial Administrator Johan Weiss stood by silent and stoic with Xeno-biologist, Dr Farnham, overseeing the procedure.

As the oxygen levels reached a critical point, the facehugger's reaction was unmistakable. Its air sacs, which had kept the flow of oxygen and some unknown anesthetic agent pumping into the Marshal, stopped inflating.

After half a minute which seemed like an eternity, the creature released its hold on the Marshal's face, its bony, finger-like limbs spasming in distress. The MedPod alarms blared as it detected the sudden change.

With a sense of relief and urgency, Dr Roku swiftly entered a command for the machine to hold the agitated facehugger inside the Marshal's sealed chamber using specialized surgical and retrieval tools.

Its body bucked wildly against the restraining mechanical claws, its tail lashed out in fury, rapping against the glass of the MedPod. For a moment, the team waited, making sure the thing couldn’t escape before Roku adjusted the air inside the chamber back to a safe level. She then pressed a couple of buttons and the pod hissed, opening the lid.

“Now!” Roku called to the others.

Administrator Weisz abruptly dropped his arms from their crossed position and stood ready to assist or flee, depending on the circumstances.

Dr Ellis opened the pod as Dr Farnham brought over an bio-containment unit, positioning its hatch beneath the angry facehugger which dangled from the claws. Together the two tried to grab the alien entity in an attempt to shove it into the containment crate.

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