Biological Sabotage

8.3.5 SW
Late Morning SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > Milk River Hatchery

She ran inside the hatchery, taking a moment to catch her breath. Osman and Erikson were still there in the middle of a conversation, Nila could see the panic on both their faces. "What the fuck is going on out there Nila?" Osman asked.

"Some things I don't have the answers for. If I had to guess this is some kind of a prank, biological sabotage, or just someone being a fucking idiot."

"Did you find anything else out there?" Erikson asked.

"Nothing, I wouldn't touch the water though. Lord knows what it could do to us. None of you have drank any water from the tap today right?"

"Nope," they both replied almost in sync, "I think I need to contact colony security, if this is intentional then maybe someone wants us dead!" Osman said trying his best to remain calm.

"Who's to say it wasn't them that did this?" Erikson pondered.

"Don't be stupid! Why the hell would colony security intentionally sabotage a major food source? That'd be suicide idiot," Osman snapped. Sometimes Erikson did turn into a bit of a conspiracy theorist, much to the annoyance of his coworkers. "I was actually starting to think maybe this job is easy, that feeling didn't stick around for long."

"We can get through this — somehow." As Nila finished her sentence she heard something, something was in the pools. Maybe a fish that somehow survived? Nila looked out the corner of her eye as Erikson and Osman continued to talk. She spotted some serpentine thing emerging from one of the colony pools. "Shit!" Nila exclaimed. The other two looked, Osman let out a scream of terror and dashed for the door, Nila promptly followed. Erikson stood in some sort of enchanted gaze, the thing latched itself around his arm and he let out a bloodcurdling scream.

"Erikson!" Osman cried, Nila grabbed his arm and pulled him towards the door.

"Come on damnit," Nila and Osman were outside, she quickly slammed the heavy metal door shut. "What the fuck was that? Oh my god," she panicked.

"We need colony security NOW!"


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