Eyes In The Sky

JP with Omni and A.Patient.Man#6020

8.3.5 SW
19:11/21 SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > Inside CPCS Lotus VTOL

Al Saygin and Officer Carson received orders to provide aerial surveillance and support near the reactor just north of Crowning Point settlement.

As they approached the reactor, they saw workers filing out and heading to the settlement as mandated. From the east came one of the CPCS vehicles, a Stinger FAV, driven along the gravel road by the Marshal.

Saygin's radio barked. It was the voice of the Marshal, *tzzt* Saygin, Gonna need you to do a flyby around the reactor. Let me know if you spot anything unusual. Keep an eye out for the sec team. I've lost comms with them. *tzzt*

The Marshal was let inside by the reactor security and parked the FAV as close as he could get to the reactor.

Rounding the northwest side of the reactor, Al Saygin noticed some animal, dark and lithe, exiting a large drainage pipe and climbing over the perimeter fence and quickly disappearing into the woods. The sun was sinking over Cradle Bay. Soon night would be upon the settlement.

~tzzt~ Marshal! Marshal! Come in Marshal! ~tzzt~

The radio crackled and then broke in, *tzzt Marshal here, what do you got? tzzt*

~tzzt~ Drainpipe northwest corner! Something distinctly non human crawled out and hit the woods! ~tzzt~ Marshall it looked like the thing I mentioned in my debrief! Can't be sure from this high but shit! ~tzzt~

‘Shit! The Marshal was concerned. Could it be another mutant? Or possibly that pale alien they had seen outside the Cronus cryobay?

*tzzt Number and description? tzzt* asked the Marshal.

~tzzt~ Only saw one. Black, fast, running on all fours like a wolf, tough to get an exact size from this altitude, but a rough guess would be… 6-8 feet ~tzzt~ Tail looked like a giant bull whip. ~tzzt~ Want me to pursue or continue the flyby? ~tzzt~ No sign of sec team yet. ~tzzt~

*tzzt* Keep eyes on it if you can. I’m heading that way. *tzzt* said Roberts.

'Hope I can find a clearing ahead to drop altitude and get a clear view of that thing' thought Saygin. ~tzzt~ You got it boss. Breaking off flyby now to pursue. ~tzzt~

Saygin turned the VTOL and headed in the direction of the creature moving slowly as low over the canopy as he could.

The Marshal armed himself with his scout rifle and moved around the perimeter of the large reactor buildings in the direction of the sighting.

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