On The Town

JP with Omni and Kronos

8.3.5 SW
19:40/21 SW-CP-Local Time
Crowning Point > Residential Hex

Flynn Sharpey was a snarky big headed do it yourself Marine, came from a Marine father and a medic mother. Flynn learned everything he knew from his mother and father. More so from his father who also was a no nonsense kinda guy. When Flynn was 12 his mother and father were deployed together, only to never return thus causing Flynn to get more pissed off at life than he already was. For the next 6 years, until Flynn's first deployment, he trained his ass off to become the best of the best, of the best.

Now at 37, and witnessing some of the gnarliest shit he has ever seen in his life, he has made it to the Crowning Point Settlement, for what he thought was going to be more relaxing time. What he failed to realize is... It isn't.

"MuthaFucka!" Flynn said under his breath. Still mumbling to himself, barely audible, "Here I thought I was going to be able to take a load off for a bit and catch a little R and R, but no, the goddamn power has to go out. Damn rain coming down, shuttling people back and forth and nothing but whining . . . What's next . . .?" Flynn pulls up to the residential hex and drops off his current load of colonists. As the last colonist leaves Flynn's ATV, "Round 17, here we go" as he drove off to get more colonists.


Meanwhile, in the residential hex where they were currently still underlit and stuck, Jensen was muttering to himself. "I don't believe that bullshit about flies for one miserable second. Can we find someone who's been on-world a while? Maybe ask them how often colonial admin shovels this mess at them?" Then he blinked with a sudden realization. "Irving, you didn't get a Sutter-Lynk ping like the rest of us. I'm guessing Admin wants techs to report in?"

Irving looked at Jensen and nodded. "They want us technicians to go to administration, these god damn flies make me wish I never had to come to this planet. They're the bane of my existence," he said in irritation.

Jensen looked unimpressed. "Come on man. Flies? Really? They shut this whole grid down and summon every capable tech to a muster point for flies?"

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