Prelude: Good Morning, Crew

USCSS Montero, Early Morning, December 16, 2183

The bright lights of the cryochamber shutter on. You and 6 other crew members lay in cryopods arranged in a circle like some kind of mechanical flower.

The glass, petal-like lids slowly and quietly rise up as if it was blooming. You remove the trodes and sit up.

Cryosleep has left you feeling tired and dehydrated. The light is piercing and headache inducing. If this is your first time experiencing cryosleep, you immediately feel nauseated upon trying to stand and commence with involuntary dry heaving for a good 5 minutes, after which, you remove to your designated locker to get dressed.

MU/TH/UR has woken you up, that means you are approaching your destination and it’s time to prep the ship for unloading. The crew eventually convenes in the galley for some much needed nourishment.

OOC - each crew member should get an introduction at breakfast.

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