Glenn Roberts slowly opened his eyes. All he could see was blurry light. It took some time before he could move. He sat up and looked at the others. Apparently, he was the first to wake. Cryosleep has made Roberts feel tired and dehydrated. The light was piercing and headache inducing. He had experienced this so many times before in his past. Upon standing, he immediately felt nauseated and started to dry heave. He took a bottle of water that was stored in to the Cryochamber and drank from it, which made him cough.

Roberts looked up at the door to the open corridor. Then he saw a boy in the shadows; a boy who couldn't possibly be there. Roberts tried to say something, but nothing came out. He staggered in the direction the boy ran. As he entered the corridor the lights flickered to life. His body started to shake, he broke out in a heavy sweat his head was pounding. He closed his eyes and could hear screams and smell blood. He fell to his knees and covered his ears with his hands. When he reopened his eyes, the boy was on the ground with half of his head missing; blood was everywhere. He closed his eyes and started to cry.

“No not again”, he said aloud; his voice shaking and weak.

Opening his eyes and looking down the corridor, he saw that it was empty. Just the lights flickering. The boy, blood and sounds where gone. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He knew that it was a flash back. He would never forget that day and the loss he saw.

Roberts got up slowly and walked to his room and his designated locker. He punched the code in with a click. It opened and he pulled out a bag, walked over to the sink and cleaned up. He dressed himself in his black tactical boots and pants, t-shirt and polo. Then he took his badge and clipped it onto his belt.

With MU/TH/UR bringing the crew out of Cryosleep they should be close to their destination. He walked back out into the corridor getting to the mess hall. There he saw Doc Roku. “Hello Doc, hope your rest went well.”, said Roberts.

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